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Montgomery Hollow – Virginia

For Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop I chose the Instagram prompt. This is a photo I took as I was walking around where my cousin lives. Autumn has always been a time that I reflect on the mountain I live on and it’s gorgeous colors.

I was staying with my cousin this particular Autumn instead of Parrott, Virginia. We are nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sometimes I can’t wait for my youngest daughter (she’s 15) to turn 18 so I can jump in a car and travel outside this state to the west coast. Then Autumn comes and I am still in awe of these mountains after 43 years of living here. (My entire life)

My cousin is the Montgomery. Her father’s family are all from that particular Hollow, hence the name. If you follow the link above, you should be able to view more photos of that walk on that day. I’ll leave you with another of my favorites from the Hollow and Mama Kat’s Prompts.

Montgomery Hollow – Virginia

Here are the prompts:

1. Whoops! Write about something you messed up.
2. Share a heartwarmeousing story or video you recently enjoyed.
3. Write a blog post inspired by the word: fun.
4. Share a fall-inspired soup recipe!
5. Share a recent photo or video you added to Instagram and give us the back story.
6. Tell us about something you’re procrastinating on.
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Mistakes or Lessons

The prompt I’ve chosen is to write about is a mistake I’ve made.

“After all the fears, the warnings, after all, a woman’s mistakes are different from a girl’s. They are written by fire on stone. They are a trait and not an error.” Janet Fitch


That’s a favorite quote of mine from the book White Orleander by Janet Fitch. We all make mistakes I guess and I’m sure we’ve all heard that we’re supposed to take mistakes and learn from them. Some are easier than others.

When I think about mistakes I’ve made in the past, it’s safe to say getting married at 18 years old was a huge mistake. For one, an 18 year old can carry the title of “adult” but experiences in life determine age to me. for example, when I was almost 16 years old my grandfather whom had raised me had a stroke. While my friends were planning for homecoming, I was working to pay for summer school and a car. A lot of my friendships were put on hold because to them I’d changed. Most had not experienced death yet and the entire process made me feel more grownup from the months before he had a stroke when I was skipping school: hence summer school.

So I knew I didn’t want to get married to anyone that young and especially not to the person I married. Four months after my grandfather passed away, my aunt died. So my grandmother who raised me lost her husband and oldest daughter within 4 months of one another. The guy I was dating bought me a ring when I ask him not to. He showed it to my grandmother who thought he was perfect and therefore would be a perfect husband. She put everything she had into my wedding plans. When I tried talking to her about how I felt she was heartbroken. So I went through with the marriage feeling resentful and feeling like I lost a part of myself before I even knew myself.

You can imagine her surprise and hurt when I moved home at 21 years old and told her I was getting divorced. I’ll be 44 years old in November and I have never felt like the divorce was a mistake. I feel even now that I had a fairytale wedding to the wrong man. Thankfully some time had passed from when my grandfather and aunt died, so my grandmother wasn’t a mess. I can’t imagine owning her strength and kindness. I fall short daily.

My oldest daughter turned 18 years old in July and my youngest will soon be 15. It’s hard allowing them to make their own mistakes when I want to protect them. I realize that mistakes and life have to occur to the one living them. I’ve tried to be open and honest with them about my mistakes and I think that’s all I can do.

My wedding day – July 1995

This is a linkup to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. Choose a prompt and link up on her blog.

The Prompts

1. If you could change one thing about technology today, what would it be and why?
2. Write about a mistake you made.
3. Write about a recipe no one makes quite like your mother.
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: again.
5. Write about a time you saved the day.
6. Share a favorite local restaurant you love.
7. List 5 things that are bringing you joy this week

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Jimmy’s Guitar

Jimmy wasn’t educated. Quitting school to be a musician caused laughter all around town.  Jimmy taught himself to play the guitar . He’d even opened for Hank Williams on The Grand Ol’ Opry. Nobody was laughing as townsfolk laid Jimmy to rest with his Fender and lucky green pick.  

This was a prompt from Yeah Write’s Microprose Challenge.

This is one of my first attempts at the Microprose Challenge.

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Poetry Submissions

Madness Muse Press is accepting poetry submissions.

I came across this blog on accident and I’m glad. I like the layout and cause. They are accepting submissions of poetry. For guidelines on submitting go to their WordPress site

I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this blog. Enjoy!