10 Favorite Summer Moments


 Highlight 10 favorite summer moments

  • Dismal Falls, Virginia – This trip was a favorite of mine! My friend and I went yesterday. It was fun.
  • My oldest daughter was married on July 17th. She has turned 20 yrs old on July 9th.
  • I’m proud of my youngest daughter who is 16yrs old. She done great in school, has a job and just purchased a car.
  • A store where I got my 1st puppy when I was 4yrs old has been closed for a lot of years. This summer someone bought the building and turned it into an old fashioned ice cream shop. The ice cream is delicious.
  • Taking a drive through the countryside is always a plus.
  • Floating on the New River that runs through my town is always peaceful for me.
  • Having good luck with my flower garden is always a delight.
  • Finding wonderful books while shopping has been great. I highly recommend ‘Plain Heathen Mischief’ by Martin Clark.
  • The full moons this summer have been breathtaking.
  • Finding new places is my favorite type of travel. Just to get in a car and go wherever your heart says to drive.

This post was written for Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop

Blonde – Who’s Ready For This Marilyn Monroe?

“Blonde” is set to premiere on Netflix on September 23rd. Directed by Andrew Dominik and starring Anna de Armas as Monroe, this film is based off the fictional novel by Joyce Carol Oates. This film takes a look at what it was like being Marilyn Monroe through her own lens.

According to Oates, via Variety, De Armas underwent four hours of makeup to transform into Monroe, much like how Norma Jeane Baker in Oates’ portrait of Monroe similarly had to turn into her stage persona for the public.

Dominik says that if not for the #MeToo Movement, this film wouldn’t have been made. He said before the movie that no one gave a shit about this kind of story where the girl is unloved by herself and others unless she goes through the Hollywood meat grinder.

Born Norma Jean Mortenson, Marilyn starred in more than 30 films before her untimely (and mysterious) death in 1962 and has been a fixture of classic American cinema ever since. This film gives us a peek into how it felt to be Norma and Marilyn at the same time. According to Dominik it shows what it was like to become Marilyn Monroe for the public because that’s ultimately what consumes and destroys her.

The film’s trailer leaves just enough for most fans of Monroe to want to watch it as soon as possible.

Pango Books – Please Stop Laughing At Me

Check out the book I listed on PangoBooks! | Please Stop Laughing at Me | https://pangobooks.com/app/book/d8ac466e-be5d-4935-9895-503c68819151-VLpNdFJltdZtfOmryrRtnPrFGtm2

This is a powerful memoir that chronicles how one child was bullied from elementary school through high school. This book is shocking yet inspiring. This book will open your eyes to the long term consequences of bullying.

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