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Quiet Paradise

photo by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Escaping from everyone and everything sounds like paradise, quietly reflecting on myself but the noises in my mind remain.

This was written for Three Line Tales .

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Journal Prompts From Filling the Jars

Filling the Jars is a blog aimed at self-care, confidence, creativity, decluttering and other helpful ideas.

We can all feel overwhelmed with no motivation. Procrastination and overthinking can turn a bad day into bad weeks, months and so forth. There are many reasons why people feel lazy or let things they need to get done fall behind. You can read more about these reasons on Filling the Jars.

My goal for this post is to select one of the 30 journal prompts for adults and write about it here on my blog. I actually have been procrastinating when it comes to my blog lately. One of the reasons is because of writer’s block and not feeling motivated to write about anything. Which is kind of the point of journaling prompts.

I’m choosing number (26: Add 7 things to your bucket list.)

  • Drive the scenic route to The Smokey Mountains along the Blue Ridge Mountains during the fall.
  • Go zip lining
  • Visit the Grand Cannon for sightseeing.
  • Travel to each all of the states in America that I can reach by driving.
  • Travel via an Airplane for the first time. My top picks would be Italy, Paris, Ireland and Hawaiim
  • Go to a Slam Poetry competition and participate.
  • Go on a cruise to anywhere just for the experience.

Basically, traveling is a high priority me. Be sure to head over to Filling the Jars to get your free 30 day journal prompts for adults.