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Reincarnation.  Proud Eagle soaring the skies! 



September has always been

the hardest month for me.

I walk these dirt roads

smelling the honeysuckle

feeling the sun on my back

the air slightly shifting cooler.

Leaves secretly changing.

Red, orange, yellow, and brown

splashing over the mountains.

She died the year before

the Twin  Towers crumbled.

Still, for me, she cannot be gone

no more than gravity or the moon.

The Appalachian Mountains

shares it’s beauty everywhere.

I see gray skies and black clouds.

September has always been

the hardest month for me.



Written for Yeah Write



It’s Me, Not You 

I’m just going through the motions.

Void of any real emotion.

Suicide is a selfish notion that I entertain.

Hear you asking what’s the matter?

Saying how you miss my laughter.

I know the love you’re after I can’t give away.

Find myself saying words I hate like it’s me, not you.

I know I’ll miss you when it’s too late and it’ll be my loss.

Swear to you if I knew the reasons for the changes you are seeing

I’d gladly unload my heavy burdens at your feet.

Standing at the edge of nothing.

Feel my heart ripping open and I can’t stop the pain.

You will see I was haunting my life.

Untouchable, unlovable and always on the outside staring in.

Maybe tomorrow will be better and I can love you more than I ever have.

So you’ll know it was I that was sick and you can carry on when I’m gone.
Written for Yeah Write

He Loves Me Not


Photo by Donetta Sifford

he loves me not, he loves me
he loves me not, he loves me
guess the damn daisy lied
I could use his help now
but I won’t swallow stale pride he loves me not, he used to
he used to love me a lot
somewhere between angry words love was crushed and we both forgot
how our smiles came so easy
riding around in his turquoise Ford truck
radio playing Hank Junior’s ‘Major Moves’ and ‘Country Boy Can Survive’
his hand on my thigh, making me feel so alive
I loved the way he wanted me so much
I miss his long, lean back
tanned, tattooed, sexy
the way he shivered as my fingers traced words
like ‘I love you much, baby. you’re mine’
guaranteed to turn him on
his laughter haunts my dreams night after night
he’s leaving me, I keep falling behind
wake up crying cause it’s so real
there’s not a man alive that could make me feel
the way he did
I won’t find happiness like i had with him
love that powerful only comes once
no amount of daisies can make it right
he loves me, he loves me not and I’ll love him for the rest of my life

by: Donetta Sifford

I was sad to read Magpie Tales would be on a back burner for awhile. This is a photo I took in my hometown that I decided to play around with. If anyone finds any inspiration with the photo feel free to write a poem or short story to add to it’s beauty. Please share them in the comments section.
If there’s anyone out there that will miss Magpie Tales and wants to share a photo prompt link up each week, please leave a comment or email me:

He Loves Me Not

he loves me not, he loves me

guess that fucking daisy lied

I could use some help right now

but I cannot swallow stale pride

keep running in place while he leaves me behind

he has a smile on his face, I’ve got a war in my mind

walking around alone

trying to adapt to uncertainty

money is a hassle and pain is never free

I can’t connect with Nathanael West

even though I think I should

writing bad poetry that melts paint off walls, rotting any wood

I’m in some type of rut

a hell I can’t escape

my muses are m.i.a.

I’m overdue for a break

a breakdown

he loves me not, he used to love me

Autumn will kill these wild daisies