Tis’ the Season…..for Top 10’s?

I know it is the season to be jolly!  I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! Then, as tradition, I always loved watching the Top 10’s or 100’s of each year.  I decided after reading a blog, Home of a Book Lover, that I would list my top 10 favorite books.  Perhaps later I’ll move on to my top 10 favorite songs, ect.  For now, here we go!
 # 10 on my list is ‘Blood Orange’ by Drusilla Campbell.
My # 9 is ‘Summer Sisters’ by Judy Blume.
‘Mystic River’ by Dennis Lehane is # 8 on my list and has also been made into a movie starring Sean Penn and Kevin Bacon and directed Clint Eastwood.
‘Letters to a Young Poet’ by Rainer Wilke is #7 on my list.  It was recommended to me years ago because I love writing poetry.  This book is true letters sent back and forth between a young man wanting to be a poet and Mr. Wilke.
#6 on my list is Mary Karr’s memoir ‘The Liar’s Club’.  Her ability to make tragic events in her childhood, funny, is what draws me in.  A very good memoir.
Leaving me with my # 5 being Mary Karr’s memoir following my #6 ‘Cherry’.  In this memoir she moves past her childhood displayed in ‘The Liar’s Club’ and embarks upon her coming of age.  A fantastic follow up.  I don’t have it backwards either.  This book falls favorite to ‘The Liar’s Club’ because it was wrote in the 60’s/70’s era where weed and hallucinates were a huge part of her life.
# 4 on my list is again Mary Karr’s poetry book ‘Viper Rum’.  This book is filled with wonderful poetry written by Mary Karr who has achieved so much as the book goes on to explain.
# 3 on my list is ‘White Oleander’ by Janet Fitch which was also turned into a movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer.  The movie in my opinion doesn’t do the book justice at all and I would recommend this book to anyone.
So, # 2 on my list is ‘Paint it Black’ by Janet Fitch.  This book is full of intensity and the tragedy of suicide.  I really cannot compare this book to ‘White Oleander’.  I suppose this one only is # 2 because I just finished reading it about 2 weeks ago.
Drum roll please!!!
# 1 on my list is ‘Saint Maybe’ by Anne Tyler.  This is an incredible book that I myself would have not bothered looking at twice if not for the fact I was laid up after gall bladder surgery in 1999.  Yes, it has been that long and no other book in the world has come close to touching this one on my list as # 1.  The style, truth, and everyday lives of the characters makes this a book you don’t want to put down until you reach the end.  Then it leaves you wanting to pick it up again and again. 

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