Truth in Death

Here you stand
Truth above all else.
Yet you are shunned.
Stones of anger, denial,
even hatred
Are thrown your way.
Still you stand strong
Head held high, never
changing, wanting to 
lead them to the only
truth in this harsh world

You stare without disbelief
As all of us turn from you
Dance in the light of what
we all call life. Singing,
weeping, laughing
Watching all of the lies,
fake promises life offers
everyone.  Searching
for answers, begging for
truth but never finding it.

When the joy is gone,
the pretense of happiness
they finally see you for
what you are. You are
not ugly. Not to be feared, 
hated, scorned.
There is no bitterness as 
you reach out your hand.
So many times your touch 
has been cursed. It is what 
you understand, for you are 
truth. Your grasp brings 
comfort to those who 
hated you. Yet, you lead
us all into the only 
truth there is. 
The last breath taken
from the weakened body.
Acceptance at last that
all of life’s fraud was leading
to the truth. To you,
@donetta sifford 12/25/2012
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