Are Feelings Something To Run From?

I was reading an interesting link about 10 things we should move forward from or get away from. and it was very true.  I especially focused on # 7. Before I read this link, I had just got done retweeting something I liked.  The tweet said, “Late night text where you admit everything you can’t say in person.”  I myself have been there.  Then I seen # 7 on Marc and Angel’s page and I had to rethink my actions as far as text taking the place of a conversation.
After thinking on this for awhile, not only did I realize it is true but I began to wonder why?  Why do we now use text to speak to a person we care for instead of a genuine conversation? Why do we feel insecure, jealous, play games with love and sex?  I truly don’t know the answers.  I do know I have done these things myself and had games played with my emotions.  Although I don’t have the answers as to ‘why’,  I do know that I want to move away from this behavior that has become normal.
I remember growing up with my grandparents where we had a rotary dial phone on a cord, with no caller I.D. or call waiting.  There for I couldn’t monitor my calls, and if I couldn’t see someone in person,  I at least had to actually speak to them with my voice.  I know I have misunderstood text and it has caused problems in my personal life.  That’s because there is no voice to hear emotion and get a feel of how that person means what they say.  I prefer to hear someone’s voice and get a take on what emotion they are feeling, whether it be sad, happy, mad, or indifferent.
Also, maybe it comes with my age of 36, but I don’t like games people play with feelings.  I never really have cared much for dishonest games and using other people or toying with their emotions.  It hurts when it’s me on the receiving end of caring deeply for someone and it’s all a big joke to them.
Intimacy is something that shouldn’t be a game for so many reasons.  I feel like I am completely connecting with that other person, so it isn’t a game to me.  Not to mention diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and reputations that get tarnished over these games.
I have two young daughters and I want them to learn to say what they mean.  Not to throw the word ‘love’ out there if they don’t mean it.  To actually use their voices to communicate with others.  Respect themselves and their bodies, and not play sexual games with people.  What I realized most from this article is that if I want my girls to behave in  a certain manner,  I need to change my behaviors and let go of technology just a little and be more open and loving toward people.  
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