Top 10 Favorite Bands/Singers

As 2012 is coming to an end, which is so hard to believe, I always like to watch things such as top 10 videos, movies, ect.  So it’s only natural that I create my list before 2013 kicks in!  I already listed my top 10 favorite books, so here is my top 10 favorite bands/singers. (no special order…. just how they roll out of my mind)
1.  Rolling Stones
2.  Matchbox Twenty
3. Elton John
4.  Hank Williams Senior
5.  Jamey Johnson
6.  Doors
7.  Pink Floyd
8.  Eminem
9.  Stevie Ray Vaughan 
10.  Madonna
I could list so many more because I love all types of music as long as I can relate to it.  I love bluegrass, rock, country, blues, rap, classical, and anything else that catches my attention.  Sometimes we can’t find words to express how we feel and a certain song will come on that seems to say exactly what we need to say.  I love the feeling when a song plays and takes me back in time to a memory.  Music is good for the soul. As Friedrich Nietzsche said: Life without music would certainly be a mistake.
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