Resolutions Made Everyday

Less than six hours,
my part of the world
will be ringing in 
another year.
Laughter, parties,
drinks of abundance,
anything else needed
to alter minds. 
A passionate kiss with
someone at midnight,
be it a long time lover
or this magical stranger.
Resolutions branded
onto paper, out of mouths,
in minds alone. 
Begins three hundred and 
sixty five days for which we feel 
renewed, refreshed.
Myself; gazing at the stars 
on this chilly mountain
night, thoughts forming
though I try distracting the
brain by any means. 
Oh hell, honestly my
friends would call me
cynical, cryptic even.
Never them mind, it is
still dancing around until
I almost want to scream 
it to the neighborhood.
Why? Why do you feel so
cleansed on this night 
when on day one hundred
and twenty two of our calender
year, should we not face
our struggles, embrace
our lives, find our flaws,
and make resolutions
then to be a better
human being?

@ donetta sifford 12-31-2012
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