In the Company of Myself

In the community of Poets of G+ we had a weekly prompt.  It was as you see, to write a poem with the beginning thought being “In the Company Of —-“.  This is what I came up with. 

In the Company of Myself

So begins another day, the bus has already came.
For one moment I really hope this day isn’t the same.
Laundry to do, dishes to wash, so much I could do.
Floors get swept. Dish water ran. Who cares if i’m blue. 
So I’ll sit here smoking my first morning Marlboro light.
Grab a cold soda, give myself a pep talk, try to forget last night.
I start the washer, then check my phone, wondering why,
Bother to clean, bother to talk, even bother to try.
Same people will text,  same thoughts will go on.
Facebook’s a bore, I’m tired of being here alone.
Tired of wanting so little and getting nothing again.
Start to make the bed, but I climb back where I had just been.

@donetta sifford 12/2012
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