Can a person be creative without motivation?

I was getting ready to sign off, as I must do as soon as posting this.  I was reading a new blog on which the writer shared his thoughts on creativity.  I will share the link for I cannot type it verbatim.  The idea was that the one thing that made creative people, creative is motivation.
A lot of people had commented, and this was in a November post.  Most disagreed, or thought “motivation” should be more defined.  Such as what motivates the person, are all motivated people creative?  
I formed my opinion on the spot and my opinion is this: Creativity is not really formed without motivation.  If it’s a hobby of even gorgeous gardening, which by all means is creative, without the motivation to plant and tend the garden, creativity is lacking in the least.  At least undiscovered.  Some people also have the motivation to work a 9 to 5 job, every week day, doing the same thing everyday for 30 years.  Their motivation does not define them as a creative person.
To sum this up quickly, I agree with the statement.  I believe any creative, inspiring person, without motivation, is not being creative.  So even if the creativity exist in a person, without the motivation to follow through and create something, it is a waste. A terrible waste!
I had to touch on this subject and now I must go to begin my day. 
Anyone is welcomed to share their views and opinions or/and visit the link to the blog that intrigued me enough to make another post so quickly. 
Happy Friday to all!!

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