Is This Love?

This is love, right?
We’ll find a cozy
place together,
laugh under the 
covers, enjoy one
another. My song
you wrote about
the flowing river,
me lounging in
the sun’s warmth.
Stop. Change up.
Decided you will
stay, get education
where you are.
Can I still find
a way, to move
to your city.
Damn. Switch scenes.
You have too much 
on your plate to 
commit yourself to
anyone like me.
Sure you love me.
This is love, right?
My unreliable nature,
when I never worry
much about a phone.
Our goals are so
different, though do
you even know what
mine are? The lifestyle
I have, just isn’t what
you need in your life.
This is love, right?
Labels won’t work
for you. Once again
I am so hard to reach.
We’ll agree we love
each other, but we 
won’t go any further.
Sleeping together,
just you and I. That
arrangement works
for you. Exclusively 
friend’s with benefits.
Hear you say it’s so 
much more than that.
Yet, listed are all the
reasons, you can’t 
commit to me.
This is love right?

@ donetta sifford 12-8-2012

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