No Atonement

She sits by her window,
procrastinating time away.
Intently staring at her
garden, her look faraway. 
Misery her only company.
Wine her only friend.
Cigarette shaking in her
hands, a lot she could amend.
Content to drag the day out,
caring had long departed.
Suicide and burial notes,
her secrets then imparted.
The one happy thought
that keeps her consumed,
is he will come to her
burial, read the letters she presumed.
Only then can she leave behind,
her secret left unsaid.
Passing her misery on to
someone else, once she is dead.
Pictures in her mind his
bright blue eyes filled with tears.
Then he can know the hurt
she’s carried alone all these years.
As he comforts their weeping
child, the one who left her forgotten.
Had he not wed her that summer
day, her child would be misbegotten.
Then they’ll both realize the
burden she shouldered alone.
Another man’s child she bore,
and to nobody would she atone.

@ donetta sifford 1-13-2013



3 responses

  1. Thank you so much Raheema Muhammad!! I never thought of my brightly colored blog in contrast with such a poem. I like it. Glad you pointed it out.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Mighty odd it is…seeing such a darkly themed poem on this brightly colored page.

    Makes me feel like the colors in the background are mocking happiness in the midst of chagrin. (If that made the slightest bit of sense, I'll be so proud of myself.)

    I love reading poems that take me places and tell stories. Your character made me cringe at the end and feel empathy all the way through.

    I think every woman reading this will understand the flow of thoughts here and feel connected to the anguish (suicidal resignation?)

    Either case, I'm glad to have read something so poignant. Great delivery and solid imagery.

    I love this. Keep it up!

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