You love her intensity,

hypnotic ability, kissing
her, in bed with you. Nobody
else in the world that matters.
Passionate gazes, sensual thoughts,
she saves them all for you.
Later as she’s staring at the stars,
3 a.m. in a brooding frame of mind,
do you walk away? 
Does her volatile
moodiness, quick tempered, 
hot mess, piss you off?
Can you stay? Remember pieces
she’s shared with only you, hold
her, entire night through, knowing
why she is this way.
With her secretive tendencies,
jealous, obsessively over you.
Do you ride it out, understanding,
or write her off as too demanding,
become her accuser too?
Sure she started out hypnotic, so
damn erotic, her obstinate refusal
to admit she was wrong, was cute.
So, do you love her, enough to 
embrace her moods, love her
through all her storms, or is
this too much for you?

                                               @ donetta sifford 1-15-2013

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