Let Peace Overflow (Inaugural Prompt)

What can be made
of today, that perhaps
can stand the test of 
time, just for tomorrow.
This land of the brave,
it has stood the test.
Waves rolling on the
shore of California, 
some covet this as 
they stare at the
earth covered with 
Mother Nature’s white
quilt. Will today hold
promise for those
who are lost? Ah,
beautiful land of the
free, from the hills
of West Virginia to
the deserts of Arizona.

The lovely lady still
stands tall, shining
her light across the
upper East shores for
all. May every veteran,
mother, father, child,
find peace, love in their
hearts. America, home
to so much diversity.
Open the hearts of 
every person, allow them
to see the strength in this.
No matter the race, whom
we chose as lovers, the
religion we bow to or bow
up against, can’t each child
feel the happiness in this.

Home of the Native Americans,
land of prosper, may soon
every person prosper from
calling themselves Americans.
As streams and rivers flow,
may harmony and peace
flow through every soul.
Let everyone feel the sun’s
warmth, that was meant
for all, not just some.
Over the horizon, we all 
see changes coming. 
Heart of every man and
woman, embrace these
changes. Give back to
our Mother Earth. Remember
the ones gone, who stood
to fight, the ones that stand
now, to give us each 

Freedom to aspire, dream,
hope, smile, dance, sing,
laugh, cry, dance in the 
rain.  To write beautiful
music, read enchanting
poetry, gaze upon hypnotic
art, to speak as we will,
believe as we do, share 
our thoughts, our very 
soul, this is what our
forefathers foreseen.
This is why men and 
women alike stand for 
America, salute the flag,
hold this ground and our
rights sacred. Rejoice in
our rights and never forget
the lives given for us.
Keep peace and love
among us, among the world,
for if we don’t, who will?
@ donetta sifford 1-21-2013

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