100 Word Song – Addicting Love

Twinkling eyes, so young,
believing in you.
Ah, what you will make
of ones that need
to feel you deep
in their souls.
Innocent girl, turned
jaded, cryptic because
of what she’s had
to withstand for you.
Swears that you
will never make
her feel that way

Foolish woman, did you
think you could run, 
close your heart when
he comes around?
One more time,
you have her
on her knees,
wanting too much
so soon.
Needing him to say
he can feel you too.
Love, you are an evil
enemy, and a
beautiful friend.
Love is an addiction!

@ donetta sifford 1-22-2013

Here is the link to the blog that inspired this:
And the beautiful song, David Bowie – Soul Love.  Beautiful song!!


5 responses

  1. What a wonderful response to the prompt – I really felt this one Donetta, and I hope you come back for more 100 Word posts =)

  2. Thank you Renee. I am new to the 100 word song post but I am enjoying it so far and the music!!

  3. I can only sigh. Some memories remembered.
    Well done.

  4. Thank you much. I think I'm doing these 100 Word Song prompts correct. Love is powerful and I agree, it can harm as well as heal.

  5. Love it very much an addiction. I can hurt you just as much as it can heal you. Terrific post.

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