Life’s a Bitch

Kicking her dangling
legs from the side
of the train trestle,
she listened intently 
to her sister’s question.

“Why are you so damn
mad, all the time? I know 
he was wrong, but you’ve
been mad at the whole
town for months. Why?”

Brown eyes burned holes
right through her sister’s
lavender tank top. Her 
legs, still dangling came
to a halt. 

Stilling her body for her
calm, intense answer.
Flipping her blonde hair
back from her shoulder,
she almost whispered,
“Life has ruined me. 
This whole town made
me jaded. It just isn’t 

Sighing at her sister’s
predictable answer, 
knowing she stepped 
into it, “Life ain’t fair,
hell, life is a bitch

So, she began kicking
her legs again, finally
managed a smile and
gave the oldest, cliche
reply she could, “Of 
course life’s a bitch.
If it were easy, it’d 
be a slut!”

                              @ donetta sifford 1-22-2013

***This is due to a prompt I found on another blog. The link is below***


12 responses

  1. Thank you for the welcome to the Trifecta challenge. Thank you Kelly! I hadn't thought much about adding to the piece, where I usually just write poetry, but it does seem there could be some potential to adding more to this.

  2. NIce write – will there be more to this piece?

  3. Welcome to the Trifecta Challenge! We're so glad you decided to climb on board. I love that you gave us a cliche after announcing it was a cliche–that's smart writing. Nice job. I hope you'll come back on Friday for the weekend prompt.

  4. lol cute comeback (:

  5. I love this! Great job!

  6. Nicely structured. Enjoyed it.

  7. Thank all of you much!

  8. Made me laugh. I like the structure of your poem.

  9. hehe. cute joke.

  10. I must remember that last line. 🙂 welcome to the challenge.

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