Eyes, the window 

to the soul, or so
I have been told.
Perhaps that’s
your reasoning, as
to why I’m not the
one to complete 

You looked right
into my sparkling
brown eyes, with
an intensity that
made me weak.
Whispered those
three cursed words
to me, then left
me dreaming of 

Jaded, bruised,
tattered, my soul
is haunted by old
ghost hanging
Blame is something
I can’t lay on you.
Nor do I have the right
to ask you to risk
your very being, to
claim a soul as dark
as mine.

Standing at the 
mouth of the tunnel,
as if searching for
the light at the end.
Sighing, I close my
heavy lids, blocking
out my windows. 
Was a fool to let 
you in.
                            @ donetta sifford 1-29-2013

10 responses

  1. The theme here is universal. Who hasn't felt this way?

  2. Amazing poem. It really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  3. I wish I could write poetry as beautifully as you (:

  4. Thank you all! You are too kind! *bows*

  5. This is so powerful and heartwrenching!

  6. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog

    Love the next to last stanza. every word is perfection

    great piece.

  7. Written with great feeling. Lovely.

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