What Would I Say

What would you say
if she was sitting 
beside you now?

Suppose to begin
with, I love you
with all my being.
Please understand
these words aren’t
to condemn you.
Growing up is 
different than being
Don’t need a babysitter,
or someone pointing
out when I’m wrong.
Mistakes that are mine
I shall own, but
won’t apologize for
my choices that simply
don’t suit your views.
None of us have life
figured out, that
includes you.
Let me enjoy my
failures, because
they make my wins
Leave me to my own
feelings without
asking I justify. 
Understand even if
you can’t accept how
I choose to live, it
is I alone that sleeps
with my actions and
I sleep like a baby.

Easier to  speak
these thoughts aloud
when she is listening
to the radio, in the 
                                        @ donetta sifford 1-28-2013


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  1. Feel free to print this Lance.

  2. lancemyblogcanbeatupyourblog

    Can I print this and give it to my family or can you go over and read it to them…kkthxbai

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