The old building hummed anew
as the crowd filled it with excitement.
Staring anxiously toward the stage,
wooden, weathered yet strong appeal.
Gathered here bereaved, broken spirits.
Hopeless faces remembering happiness.
Voices turned to whispers, then silence
until the only sound was racing heartbeats.

She had gracefully glided to the center,
lighting the room with electricity.
Her smile brought a calmness among them.
Soft lips parted and her voice pulled
her listeners like a magnet.
Continuing her entrancing words,
she sat, back aligned perfectly as if
the harden floor were clouds of softness.

Speaking of dreams, peacefulness unknown.
A new beginning where men and women
were in harmony with nature, with one another.
No tears, fears, pain, or unbearable sadness.
Charming words of blissful days spent
swaying, singing, laughing, no weariness. 
Alluring nights with no hungry, scared children.
Only sugar plums dancing in their little heads.
A world beyond anyone’s imagination
where creativity and melodies played in hearts.
Grieving, suffering, sickness all forgotten.
Acceptance for all, mistakes erased from memory.

Magnetic forces surrounded her like a light.
Confidence even poured from her breath
as she sat, silent again, as one by one
people came to her ready, willingly.
Even the few unsure, felt her positive energy
engulf them as they signed away their souls.
This gorgeous creature had knowledge, 
expertise in a paradise where souls were
insignificant, resting in her hands, safe.

Her smile was glorious, eyes focusing
on a framed cross behind her followers.
Turning her energy on them, but letting 
thoughts wander for a moment, her smile
brightened, each signature relaxing her.
She had known since a small child, 
that she possessed the gift of charisma.
Every moment of her life was devoted
to practicing the power of persuasion.
Her charisma was a gift and a skill.
Perfected for moments just as this.
Like insects caught in a glimmering web,
her lovely lie woven so temptingly, 
she felt powerful watching the humans
give their souls away at her will.

Closing her eyes for a brief moment,
allowing her charm and brilliance 
to warm her entire, slender body.
Her father would reward her greatly.
Opening her eyes slowly to look upon
these humans, wondering how she
could summons empathy toward these
easily broken species. Practice. Discipline.
Steadying her breathing to allow her presence 
to lead these suffering fools to her father.
Wanting to see the pleasure and pride 
on his face. Lucifer had always known
she was born for greatness.
                                              @ donetta sifford 2-4-2013

Prompt 258: Charisma

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