Dream Come True

artwork by Joseph Lorusso

Let everyone stare.
I am embracing this moment.
The very one that sweeps 
into my dreams at night.
Grateful for our friendship.
Dying inside each time you
found the ‘one’, cringing
to see you hurt over again.
You can’t imagine how many times
I have wanted to take you in my
arms, pull you close, kiss you softly.
There were times I thought 
you looked at me with a special,
knowing look. 
Now to have you whisper, “I love 
                                                          you.”  This is more than I ever 
                                                          could have imagined, even better.
                                       @donetta sifford 2-11-2013



7 responses

  1. ^-^ The moment friends become more, and you realize what you needed was right there all along.

    Loved this! I'm a sucker for happy beginnings. ^_~

  2. Sometimes acting on impulse is the right thing to do…

  3. Awww. I'm glad the dream came true.


  4. What a beautiful dream. I love the inner thoughts and longing in this one!

  5. Yes … embracing the moment is what life is all about!!

  6. The feeling of intimacy that we do not allow ourselves to act on. It is so true

  7. Tender and idyllic…

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