Maybe Tomorrow

Wandered away from all I knew.
Left my baggage on the curb.
Dropped all my tears off 
at the cemetery.
Caught the first bus to nowhere.
Ghost kept haunting my sleep.
Found peace in a bottle of pills.
Serenity came with circling the moon.
False happiness can last awhile.
Days blurred into months,
months into years.
Memories can be a stubborn opponent.
Begin wishing to go back home.
Learned leaving was much easier.
Finally limped back to where I belonged.
Had to face the demons I tried to outrun.
I won’t dwell on everything I lost.
Wouldn’t change what I’ve been through.
Tell my image in the mirror, just for today.
Glad to embrace the sun on my face.
Relieved a smile can still appear.
@ donetta sifford 2-12-2013


12 responses

  1. Great poem! I like how it came full circle – leaving after a death, living a life that wasn't right and finally returning home.

  2. I love the idea of dropping my tears off at the cemetery.

  3. This poem started out so sad, but I like the feeling of hope in the end.

  4. What a wonderful,wonderful piece-loved it totally & the first 4 lines are exceptional:-)

  5. Thanks Bo. Hard to cram 11 years into something. 🙂

  6. This is sad and hopeful all in one.

  7. I love this whole thing, especially the line: “Memories can be a stubborn opponent.”

  8. What a lovely heartfelt poem. I haven't felt that way about a death but I have over another kind of loss and I can really identify. Very nicely done.

  9. i love the direction in which the poem went.. very much enjoyed the small glimmer optimism despite what happened in the past 🙂 – kz

  10. I love the language and syntax here. I especially love lines 3-4. Well done!

  11. This is what it feels like to face your fears and move on, finally, after running away for too long.

    From beginning to end, I was waiting for the closure offered in your last line.

    Well constructed. I enjoyed this piece.

    Thanks for sharing! ^-^

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