Pieces of You

Inside my fireproof box
Fragments of you remain.
Segments of your existence,
that I came in late on.
Few blades you carried
in your pant’s pocket.
Bought myself an Elk Ridge,
today, shade of pink, 
I’ll probably never use.
Old leather billfold,
overflowing with pictures.
Black and white of you
and your classic wife.
Couple of your two daughters.
Seams about to bust
with pictures of me.
Curly red haired baby,
blonde kindergarten smile,
dark brown, first grade,
cut my own hair. 
Year after year, ending
with my senior pictures.
The year you passed on
without seeing me walk
across that stage.
Metal social security card,
in a case, so unlike
these paper things 
we carry now. 
Yours was meant to last.
Property deed, outlining 
your acres of land.
Transformed into a newer
document, my name listed
as soul deed holder.
Handful of coins you saved.
Don’t know nor care 
if they are worth anything.
Two crumpled dollar bills,
also secure in your wallet.
I can lay them out, 
spend all day putting them in order.
From memory of stories told,
to my own blurring memory.
Treasure these items
more than my television set.
To me these belongings
should be in your pockets.
Locked in your box.
Nineteen  years is proof
time doesn’t heal all pain.

@ donetta sifford 2-16-2013


2 responses

  1. Thank you so much Raheema Muhammad for all your kind words. I appreciate all your comments on each poem. I wish I was organized to do this with everyone's pieces I enjoy, your pieces being a favorite, especially because you speak your poems. That in itself amazes me. I don't have the courage to do that. My grandparent's raised me and many choices in my life good and bad ultimately go back to losing them at a young age. I hope my words do their memory justice. Thank you again.

  2. So poignant…so beautiful and sad. You've finely detailed the way we hold on to our loved ones once they've left us behind.

    Through the memory of all the things they once touched.

    Reminders of their existence which we hold close to our hearts because they help keep the memories from fading away too quickly.

    So much to say on this. Very well done.

    I enjoyed this piece. Thanks for sharing~

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