Though the house looks beautiful,
I am more drawn to the darkened skies.
Pulled in by the bare trees that seem 
to go on forever.
This is me. This is the way the world
looks to me, at me.
Someone pretty to look at but intriguing
because of all the darkness that surrounds
my very being.
Everyone wants to put leaves on the trees,
turn the skies blue, when I prefer 
the bareness and stormy clouds.
@ donetta sifford 2-18-2013



5 responses

  1. I prefer gray to blue…

  2. I too prefer the dark and stormy sky. Drawn to the bare trees and the mud.

  3. My son would agree with you. He likes his life and his art to be congruent.


  4. Love the direction you traveled …

  5. Interesting self-reflection.

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