Talk to me. Tell me how does it feel.
It must be frightening to know I’m in control.
Recall with me, if you will, the way you twisted me.
Pretending to be someone understanding.
Begged you then to not confuse my mind.
Opened my whole life up so you could see inside.
Almost admirable the way you pulled the strings.
Knew I would meet the one to beat me at my own game.
Should chalk it up as karma. Laugh it off I suppose.
It’s the way you erased me from your days and nights.
Roadblocked all communication between us.
Made me feel as if I couldn’t even be seen.
Talk to me now. Are you afraid of being invisible?
Typical of you to claw and curse even now.
How easy it would be to turn you into a nobody.
Only if life were that simple, that I could place you
on paper in front of my burning eyes and make you go away.
The best I can do is imagine, know you hate I won’t call.
There is no love, it’s only a power struggle.
For now I’m on top but I can’t say how long I’ll remain.

@ donetta sifford 2-20-2013

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