Checked the door 3 times
to make sure it was locked.
My first memory of this behavior
was when I was a child.
3 became my favorite number.
Counting my stuffed animals
on my bed 1 – 2 – 3. 
Not sure if this was abnormal.
Turning lights on, then off,
then on, then off, on, off.
Washing my hands so often
I’m sure no germ can survive.
Having my partner ask me
why it took me so long to
simply brush my teeth,
rinse my hands.
Hard to explain that I know
the soap is gone, but continue 
running water over my hands.
What is the harm
in making sure the clock is
set correctly, even if it is
set 3 times.
Most women would adore
a man who offers to wash dishes.
I do not want anyone touching them.
My way is best to me.
I suppose Zoloft has helped.
Noticing I leave certain things be.
Still won’t allow anyone to 
wash clothes but me.
My way is still best even if I
look at the settings.
I can’t say why but I am OCD. 


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