My Grandparents

My grandparents raised me.  This is a photo of them on their wedding day.  They were married on December 25th, 1949.  Calvin Douglas Sifford and Hazel Donald Slusher Sifford.  He was 18 years old and she was 20 years old.  I believe they met through work.  I do know this was during the time when my grandmother still lived with her mom and they were planning on getting married, just not on Christmas Day.  Apparently, a huge snow storm had came, so the pastor walked and married them so my grandfather could stay the night with my granny.  They later had two daughters and then raised me.  My grandfather passed away in 1994 and my grandmother passed away in 2000.  They remained married until death did they part.  This was a time when people got married and when hard times came, they got through it. My grandmother was very religious, so divorce would have never crossed her mind, and she loved him.  He loved her too.  I could tell a lifetime of stories they told me growing up about their lives together.  I do know on this day they were happy.  My grandfather stood like that for as long as I remember.  This photo is black and white so you can’t tell, he had sparkling blue eyes and she had dark brown.  She is wearing a light blue dress and he is wearing the best outfit he had on that day.  They didn’t have a ring but he bought her one a couple years later.  My grandfather was already a hard worker by this time as was my grandmother and they both shared love and a temper.  They were classic handsome and beautiful and I’m proud to say they shaped me into who I am.


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  1. What a beautiful story!

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