Old Time Wisdom

Doesn’t it seem the elder ones
always know what to do?
Raised by my grandparents,
I can count on one hand my trips to the hospital.
People today forget simple things,
things they would find me insane for doing.
Such as the time, I was stung by a bee,
my memory is vague, too young to recall
what type it was. 
Seems I can remember that burning though.
My grandfather pulled the stinger out
while my grandmother mixed baking soda
with water and used a butter knife to
doctor my swollen foot up.
Pulled the burning right out, 
up and running again.
Also have a memory of being so young
with a croup cough I don’t remember 
being that bad.
My grandmother took a tablespoon,
poured a small amount 
of my grandfather’s brown bourbon in it.
She used sugar to doctor the taste down.
Taste buds still know that taste 
of a slight burn but terrific sugar.
Like magic the coughing was gone.
Sure she done other things 
that my mind doesn’t bring forth.
I do remember both my girls
having painful sounding coughs.
My grandmother had long been deceased.
As I gave them their breathing treatments
prescribed to them and held them 
in a bathroom full of steam formed
from hot water running, I 
rocked them back and forth 
wishing I had held onto my grandparent’s wisdom.

@ donetta sifford 2-26-2013

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b : medicine man

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13 responses

  1. Beautifully woven around memories-a lovely piece:-)

  2. this is just SO SO SO very beautiful. thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Perfect. I still use some the old remedies. This reminds me why.

  4. Nice piece. I love the nostalgia. Simple remedies are so often the best or at least the memories that accompany them.

  5. This is a wonderful piece, filled with memories of the love you recevied. It sounds like you are giving the same. You've just got to remember the bourbon! 😉

  6. beautifully, poignantly written.

  7. Very nice writing!

  8. Certainly worth holding onto some things. Lovely nostaligic piece.

  9. This is beautiful. It makes me think of some of the home-made remedies I was subjected to as a child (cod liver oil for sore throats was the worst!) Times have changed.

  10. Truly…we should never forget the wisdom of the past generations.

    Lovely write. I enjoyed this.

    Thank you~

  11. This is so tender and beautiful (:

  12. Thank you very much.

  13. I read this twice… a lovely piece.

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