When You Shine

My sweet relaxation,
as I sit my lounge chair just so,
feeling your warmth upon my skin
glancing up to the heavens 
now and then to see how large
the cloud is you hide behind.
Rolling over on my stomach
to allow you to massage my back
as I watch my children splash and play.
Closing my eyes against your brightness,
listening to the rapids of the river crash upon rocks.
These are the days I feel at peace,
wish they didn’t end, longer days
you stay around.
Slow days with nowhere to be 
other than lying under your light,
only putting clothes over my bikini 
as the trees cast shadows over me.
To walk to a cousin’s home and
feel your evening breath upon 
my reddened face. 
As one is told not to stare 
into your light, I turn my mind
from the thought that your heat
will abandon me too in the winter months.
Only to come out and shine so gorgeously,
like a lover that is telling a lie, for you are cold.
As surely as the trees start to bud again,
I will forgive you, and bask in your light again.

@ donetta sifford 2-26-2013
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