Received a photo of you today.
Captured by a sweet lady, 
she watched over you at times.
Purity and innocence in a tiny,
round face of only a month old
dainty baby girl.
Flawless as a blanket of snow
in the early morning hours before
any signs of life have left their marks.
Wrapped up, sleeping.
Looking like a beautiful secret 
about to be revealed to the world.
A wonderful glance back in time,
my mind retraces all your steps 
so far, that have formed you 
into all the goodness you portray 
as a seven year old princess. 
A fascinating glimpse into the
future, realizing no matter 
who you become in twenty years,
my eyes will always hold a vision
of your cherubic face held in time. 
@ donetta sifford 2-27-2013


4 responses

  1. Lovely and sweet!

  2. so beautiful and touching…

  3. So gorgeous! I especially love lines 7-9.

  4. It's so true that no matter how old a child gets, a mother sees a glimpse of the baby she once held.

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