10 Things I Am Proud Of

  1.   I am extremely proud of my beautiful daughters, Madison 10 years old and Olivia 7 years old.  They are both gorgeous, intelligent, and they make my world go round.
  2.  I am proud that I have been clean from an opiate addiction for 2 years and counting.  It’s been a bumpy ride but I am stronger for it.
  3. I am proud of my ability to stand back and see both sides to a story, including my own.  Cuts back on a lot of arguments.  Basically the quote ‘there are 3 sides to every story, mine, yours, and the truth’ type thing.
  4. I am proud of the poetry I write.  I write it from my heart.
  5. I am proud of my hometown and it’s heritage and background.
  6. Proudly I can say my grandparents raised me in my small hometown and though not a lot of money, I grew up wonderfully loved.  
  7. I am proud of home. Though not too big or fancy, it is well kept and designed by I.
  8. I am proud of my scrapbooks and photos that I have, a lot belonging to my grandmother.  I believe pictures are a way of capturing time.
  9. Silly as this may be, I am proud of my make up skills.  On myself of course. lol. I have learned to apply my make up due to a long time ago, selling Beauty Control Make-Up. 
  10. I am proud of all my mistakes and experiences because they make me who I am today and who I will be tomorrow. 



2 responses

  1. Thank you very much. The make-up one was to lighten up some personal things I wrote, that I always blame on insomnia. lol

  2. What a beautiful list. You should be proud!

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