Butterflies in my stomach, my fingers hovering over the keyboard.

Craziness and silliness wrapped together.

Haven’t even met you but we’ve typed out our whole life stories.

Me, in the a.m. hours when sleep eludes me.

Marlboro Light burning beside me, I remember I told you I smoked.

Guarded though, for all I know you could be a lunatic.

It seems legit, or maybe you think the same of me.

Now we’re discussing an actual phone conversation.

Longing to hear your voice but knowing this can go nowhere.

What would I tell my friends? I met you online because you liked my profile picture?

It is the truth. Just it seems so unromantic in a way.

I should probably go ahead and end this meaningless thing we have.

Can’t deny I’ve enjoyed your attention though.

Then again, I’m being me. You could be anyone.

@ donetta sifford 3-5-2013

4 thoughts on “Anyone

  1. I like this last line. Are any of us really being ourselves on the internet? Or is it like you said in your comment and the social network makes us less social?

  2. Awe, that’s sweet. I once dated someone from Neopets (legit dated, met in person, whole 9 yards) for 11 months. You never know where you’ll meet people.


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