Washed out

photo by TheFoxandTheRaven

Sitting as the rain soaks through my clothes.
Ran until I was exhausted to hide from you.
Cruel words echo in my head, burning in my chest.
The water won’t wash away the anger in your eyes.
My tears mix in with the falling drops, it’s cold.
Can’t bring myself to find shelter from the chill.
Chill of the spring storm, chill of things said by you.
Knew you didn’t love me but to hear you say it
is a knife stabbed into my heart and twisted.
Feel like I’m bleeding here on this sidewalk
where there’s no one around to care why I’m here.
Rocking myself back and forth, feeling so unloved. 
Wishing it would all wash away, your hard voice,
wanting all of us to trickle through the cracks.
Lonely, shivering, lost, I will stay here without sun.

@ donetta sifford 3-5-2013



5 responses

  1. I felt this… I have been there…thank you

  2. Oh lots of angst portrayed here…

  3. we've got alot of bleeding, shivering hearts over the prompt. Great feeling in this
    Lady's Knight

  4. A breaking heart, somber, bitter, troubled…

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