Death Do Us Part

He shivered as he read the note.

Lying next to her flowing red hair.
His house was spotless.
She lay in her wedding gown.
Beautiful handwriting screamed at him.
Telling him all of his flaws.
Every line reminded him of his other women.
Bruises his bride had to hide.
Lonely nights in their house,
she tried making a home.
Then it went on to tell him she believed,
reincarnation was real.
How his coldness had killed her spirit.
She’d be back to haunt him,
until he took his own life just like her.
Death do us part, covered the bottom.

@ donetta sifford 3-11-2013


3 responses

  1. But does he truly grasp his roll in her decision? I'd think he was too self serving to accept the blame.

  2. Left to reminisce about what could have been… at his own hands. Though the reincarnation could be why she did this in the first place 😉

  3. I love “beautiful handwriting screamed at him”. This was the theme of the whole piece. Great 100, Donetta.

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