Night Skies

“A flash sparked across the sky.”
First line provided by speakeasy #99 winner Suzanne

A flash sparked across the sky, brighter than all the stars.
Quickly my eyes became fixated on that spot in the dark heavens.
Seemed like an eternity I stared into the black depths of the universe.
Watching, patiently waiting, hoping, another light would materialize.
Fearful of turning my gaze away, afraid to miss something unknown.
Growing weary and disinterested, I started to peek away from blackness.
Just as my glare was moving toward other stars twinkling in their glory,
another burst of wondrous glimmer fell from above rapidly, and was gone.
In the corner of my vision, I caught a glance of another glow, and again.
Dropping my fatigued body into a chair outside, I felt a moment of hope.
Looking up into the night, a cool breeze on my face, I felt a inner peace.
The harmony that eluded me daily, reunited with my jaded soul.
A smile formed across my face as I examined a glorious meteor shower.

@ donetta sifford 3-13-2013


15 responses

  1. Thank you! I enjoy your prompts very much!

  2. I love that you reveal right at the end what exactly is going on in the sky. It made me smile 🙂

  3. Living in the city, I don't usually get a great view of the stars and I've never seen a meteor shower. This piece makes me long for a clear sky!

  4. I could see that night sky. What a serene place to be.

  5. Oh, how tranquil! We live out in the middle of nowhere and spend many summer nights sky watching. It is so peaceful…

  6. I nominated you at Liebster Award 🙂

    Camelle @ home of a booklover

  7. Nicely done, great imagery.

  8. Oh how I love the stars! Never seen a meteor shower, though.

  9. I've never seen one. Now I want to even more! Lovely.

  10. Your imagery is amazing in this.

  11. This is so lovely! I can really relate to your character. Nothing beats a good meteor shower. Great take on the prompts!

  12. what evocative words, felt like I was there. beautiful!

    your prompt “music” is up this sunday at woven dreams Donetta. thanks for the suggestion!

    Happy Wednesday, G :<)

  13. This was beautiful. Reminds me of when I was a kid and we'd look up at the sky for hours when we were on our summer vacation, hoping to see a shooting star. Thanks for joining us at the speakeasy!

  14. I love the Perseids and Leonids. When my son was small we'd drive out into the desert as far as we could (we lived in Las Vegas so there was absolutely no visibility there) and lay on the hood. We'd inevitably fall asleep out there. It was so peaceful and serene. I miss those days. Thanks for bringing them back to me. 🙂

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