Wondering Waters

Meal Beach, Burra Isles, Shetland by Robin Gosnall 

Sand tickling my toes, daiquiri in my hand
I sit on the wet, rough ground and gaze out
Gaze out at the greenish, blue water’s crashing waves.
Greenish, blue water that rolls out forever.
In the distant I see mountains, so far away from me.
Far away from me, I stare at them as I take a sip.
Strawberry daiquiri still moist on my lips
I stare at them and wonder if someone is sitting
on the shore in the distant, enjoying this peacefulness.
Enjoying the early sounds of the ocean,
the way I am wrapped in the noise right now.

@ donetta sifford 3-13-2013



2 responses

  1. Makes me want to go down to the sea again! To waters that roll out forever. Nice job.

  2. Wrapped in noise…lovely…

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