Let Down Again

Smoke curls off his cigarette,
smells of promise he doesn’t feel.
Factory closed 5 months ago.
His family needs a provider still.
Walking to the next place to job search,
Vietnam surfaces his mind as desperation 
lingers over him, he’s denied another job.
Stares at the bank across the street,
the one that turned him away.
Fingers slide to his waistband, tapping his gun.
Strolls in the lobby, 1965 and rain fogs logic.
Knows that burning sensation, won’t make it
home this time, gasping for the last breath,
whispers, “My family, tell Sara I’m sorry,
my country failed me again.”

@ donetta sifford 3-15-2013



7 responses

  1. Thanks for the invite and the compliment!

  2. well done, very well done.

  3. Wow, that is powerful. Good people, trying hard, being let down by political agenda.

    I would love for you to bring some of your writing over to share at my “I Don't Like Mondays” Blog Hop. It's open now and all week and you can post whatever you want, old and new. Great work! Glad I found you through 100 Words.

  4. Well done, you caught the desperation completely. I wanted to cry over that last line, too true, too often.

  5. Thank you very much. The 'Tori' threw me off for just a second. lol. I had never heard the song 'Car Jamming' so I'm not sure why it came across to me this way. Makes for writing though!

  6. Love. it. a lot. The opening line sets teh mood then the rest kills. Good job, Tori.

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