Maybe A Small Resemblance?

me and tori

 It was strange when a friend mentioned it.

Then a couple strangers were I worked.

This was said during her 90120 years. 

That maybe I strike a small resemblance to Tori Spelling.

Though, I can see maybe a few features.

Suppose I should be flattered.

I just have a difference in opinion as to what is considered pretty.

So, not to be to vain, but I hope the resemblances aren’t too much. 

No offense, Tori.


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  2. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I suppose their could be someone less attractive to be compared to. This was fun for sure.

  3. There is nothing else to be said that hasn’t already been covered. Yours is a natural beauty – and I, too, see a resemblance to someone else. If it comes to me at 3am, I’ll let you know!

    1. lol. Thanks Becky.

  4. What everyone else said. The two semi-profile shots you’ve used here do match well, in bone structure. But you are much less extreme and therefore more naturally lovely than your bleached counterpart.

    Remember … Mel likened me to Boy George. And I have to hope that, while we do look alike in the pictures, I am prettier than he.

    But who knows? (Sigh) Thanks for playing. 🙂

  5. Kir Piccini

    HI 🙂
    your eyes match and the structure of your cheekbones..but like anything else, you have a beauty all your own. You are naturally pretty, and that counts for a lot more.
    don’t you just love these link ups?

  6. Yes! You do have a similar look. Although you’re beauty is much more natural. 🙂 Great entry. Thanks for coming to play!

  7. Bo said it. You are much prettier! I see a resemblance to someone else whose name I can’t remember.

  8. Like my wife said, you’re prettier. I see the resemblance, especially bone structure. Good one….off to read your 100 word song.

  9. Thank you Deana! lol. I have had several people mention it and I wasn’t flattered as I guess they expected me to be. 🙂 You look like a pretty celebrity. Much prettier though. Actually in my small town there is a woman that moved here a couple years ago and everyone in the community (all 401 of them) including my boyfriend think we look alike. I can see it too. She is very pretty but I couldn’t find a photo of her anywhere online.

  10. eyes, mouth and face structure are a match! You are 20 times prettier…

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