Time Is Not My Friend

Oh no, it will soon be time!
I must shower, shave, fix my hair, 
the make-up can wait until I’m in the car.
My best friend is in the other room sighing,
it is my appointment with my head doctor.
Time slips away from me at the worst moments.
Should be there at 3 p.m. but it is my hour after all.
Hear in my mind ‘productive people get an early start’.
I probably should try this I know.
But do them people have insomnia and
are they going to see a shrink?
Doubt it. Now if I can find my phone.
Hate someone rushing me, 
I’m paying for this trip. Damn it!!
Now, I can’t find the shoes I want to wear.
Why did I ever look for this phone that keeps vibrating?
Arriving a little too late, now I have to reschedule.
Sigh. Gas money gone for nothing.
This should be my wake up call.
Ah, but I was late to my own wedding rehearsal.
Which I never wanted to be married.
Can count on one hand the things I haven’t been late for.
Take a deep breath, relax. 
I know my appointment next week is for 3 p.m. also.
Truly I may surprise myself and be there on time.

@ donetta sifford


2 responses

  1. lol. Thank you. I was, of course, too late to turn it into the the challenge. But I wrote it anyway.

  2. I'm out of breath reading this. Very well said.

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