Insane Grief

 Chasing you through a crowded park.
You won’t slow down.
Screaming your name repeatedly.
Tears stinging my eyes.
Collapsing on my knees, lungs on fire.
Reality and memories surge together.
Chasing a phantom, buried eleven years.
 Body begins to shake uncontrollably. 
Hear the nurse calling my name.
Trying to move away from this nightmare.
I’m stuck. I cannot move from where I am.
Gradually the nurse’s voice pulls me from the grass.
 Restraints are tightening down.
Realizing I’m institutionalized.
Dazed from my dream.
Searching the blinding white room.
You’re not here, yet.
Bizarre grieving. 
You haunt me even in madness.

@ donetta sifford 3-16-2013


4 responses

  1. This is an amazing piece! Great reading.

  2. Thank you both. I have been through a lot of deaths, but one of my worst fears has always been to be trapped in my insanity.

  3. Wow-definitely is heartbreaking…It's like she's waking from one nightmare into another.

  4. Donetta, this is heart-wrenching.

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