Nature’s Lesson

photo by A.J. Walker

Rolling thunder echoed in the distance
Massive rain battered the window panes
Pounded the roof top the entire night 
Apprehension built within me until dawn
Unsettled from the storm, lacking sleep
Feeling melancholy, I strolled outside
Dreading the damage my flower garden endured

Water dripped softly on my head 
As I stroll through the damp grass
Gazing up, a leaf hung teary and moist
Yet supple, resilient looking as it glistened
Sensing the morning sun growing warmer
I began to ponder why I felt disheartened 
Slowly the leaf’s edges were turning upward

My body didn’t seem so weary and worn
Why should I be grim and blue I questioned
Watching shiny drops slide from the leaflet
Calmness and tranquility wrapped around me
Uneasiness about the days to follow vanished
Accepting that I must ride out the storms of life
Wash my soul clean so I can flourish everyday

@ donetta sifford 3-18-2013

***This was wrote for a prompt given by +AJ Walker, one of the moderators in the community I am part of, Poets of G+.  Each Sunday he gives us some wonderful prompt challenges and the community votes on their favorite.***
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