Happy Spring

  1. The clocks sprung forward so a little more daylight. 
  2. Shedding these sweaters and boots for some tank tops and flip flops.
  3. New Easter dresses for me and my two daughters.
  4. Flowers and budding trees are coming to life.
  5. Spring cleaning. Love the smell of a clean house and cleaning with the windows open.
  6. Walks outside and at the park. Not half walking, half running to get in the warm indoors.
  7. Slushy doorways and floors to mop……..be gone.
  8. Isn’t Mother’s Day in spring? Yes it is!!! lol
  9. Just to be warm without the use of a heater or wood stove is a wonderful reason to be happy.
  10. Something about spring and knowing summer is on it’s way makes mixed drinks taste so much better.

This list sounds wonderful, except the fact I am watching it snow as I type and school was closed today due to the snow from yesterday, not to mention the ice.  I wish Mother Nature wouldn’t be so bipolar and get on with this  warm weather!!! Happy Spring everyone!




One response

  1. Oh yes, bring on warm weater and mixed drinks 😉

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