My Daughters’ Easter Dresses for 2013

madison's easter dress for 2013

olivia easter dress for 2013

My gorgeous daughters and their new Easter dresses for 2013. Ms. Madison age 10 picked out a prom type dress but she looked so cute, I gave in. Ms. Olivia age 7 still lets me ‘help’ her pick out clothes, and she looks very adorable. Seeing Madison in her dress and knowing she will be 11 in July and going into Middle School next year, made me feel sad for a little while. I am proud of both of my girls. Not only their looks, but their intelligence and attitudes toward school. They both make good grades, help around the house (so far), and are normally well behaved in public. lol What more could a mother ask for, at least for now.


4 responses

  1. Aren’t they adorable! Love the color of their dresses too. 🙂

  2. So very pretty!

    1. Thank you!! They grow up so fast. My oldest will start middle school next year, and the dress she was dying to have at JC Penney’s made her look so grown up. I’m in for a wonderful but scary future of proms, dances, boys……. ugh. lol

      1. It doesn’t get easier! lol

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