Seeds of Love

conversations held in the dark
plant seeds of insecurity in my mind.
mixed with good amounts of insomnia, 
doubt sprouts, buds quickly show.
troubled waters, uncertainty blossoms,
until the fragrance kills another chance.

i don’t want to feed the questioning
when daylight breaks, feeling afraid.
suffocated by roots of doubtfulness, 
overshadowing the love we can make.
moments of ours will all wither and fade.
the weeds of regret will be all that’s left.

how can i make our grounds settled?
is there any way to make you see
when the day breaks, sun lights our face.
my intentions are only to surround you
like a garden of happiness and trust.
you expect the worst, but i won’t give up. 

asking you to try, we’ve had a lot of good.
we could plant something longstanding,
undying, we’d just have to keep maintained
we could have a bed with lasting whispers.
an oasis made of passion, built around us.
keep love blooming always, we can sustain. 

@ donetta sifford 3-26-2013


2 responses

  1. You describe a relationship broken down into elements from beginning to end and all the good and bad in between. Very creative way to see the buds germinate and come to bloom.:)

  2. What a wonderful journey you've taken us on with this prompt. Very original Donetta! :<)

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