Be True To You

Never play with another’s emotions.
What goes around circles back around to you.
Be yourself even if it means standing alone.
Nobody in this world is as unique as you.
Know your value!

@ donetta sifford 4-6-2013


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  1. lol. i have two daughters in elementary school, my oldest getting ready to go to middle school next year. so, i tend to through out those self confidence lines, even if i forget. thanks about the picture. about a month ago we finally had a warm day. 🙂

  2. I get the sense from reading this that, if you had a larger word limit, that you could have continued shooting out the great lines for awhile longer. Lots of wisdom there, Donetta. On a different note, love your profile thumbnail. What a warm, radiant smile. 🙂

  3. This is one of the best ones this week. That first sentence is great. “Know your value” – I wish we all could do that. Great one netta

  4. Wise advice. This should go on the refrigerator door, as we all tend to forget. Well done.

  5. “Know your value…” Excellent advice we should all learn to accept.

  6. That's a lot of great advice!

  7. I was reminded the other day that no one can do “me” better than I can. Good reason to just be me. I especially like Never play with another's emotions.

  8. “Be yourself even if it means standing alone.” Yep. Better to be alone than surrounded by people who force you to be something or someone you aren't. Nice!

  9. This is lovely Donetta! Great words of advice!

  10. short and sweet. Good points.

  11. there is only one of each of us, we breathe, we eat, we laugh, we talk, we write, we are similar…but we do it our way and that is our uniqueness …well said.

  12. This encompasses not only the Golden Rule, but the universal truth: Karma is a bitch, so do right! Loved the flavor of your writing here, as though we picked you up mid-conversation. Thanks, Amy

  13. I like the idea here. If we are good to others and true to ourselves we just might make it 🙂

  14. I like this. It's very universal!

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