i cannot remember the way it all began
hearing your voice over the phone 
sound of sexiness and laughter
now all i can recall is how you sounded
in anger speaking to me, it hurts
don’t want to miss you
memories can lie
all the brightness i thought would be us
is ruined by your lackluster attitude
you created a world of self loathing
then lay the blame on me
when all i wanted was to show you
how colorful life could be 
basking in the journey of each other
put up a roadblock between us
making me regret trying

@ donetta sifford 4-6-2013

***This was written for two of my favorite prompt blogs***

100 Word Challenge writing prompt


4 responses

  1. Sad, but touching. Nicely done, Donetta!

  2. Sad portrayal of a relationship gone bad. Good poem for the prompt, Donetta.

  3. So sad and heartfelt woven together beautifully. Sounds like you experenced it firsthand.

  4. I'm so glad you like Woven Dreams! It's always a pleasure to read your poems. I hope you'll join us tomorrow too for this week's prompt: Alive.

    PS: If you're a yarn-lover, do stop by my Blogger review blog (click through from my profile) I've got a great contest for the month of April.

    Happy weekend Donetta, G

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