Alluring Idea

Woman With a Towel, 1898, Edgar Degas

fresh stepping from the hot shower
standing in the steamy room
she tried to envision her untouched body
through his eyes, the desirable look he gave her
wanting to be alluring and inviting tonight
by tomorrow, her innocence would be gone
thoughts of having an admirer, a lover seemed strange
in her heart she knew once with him
everything would feel natural and romantic
no pressure from him, she was ready
ready to let go of purity, become a woman
his woman, what an enticing idea

@ donetta sifford 4-7-2013

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  1. A maiden, enticed and allured by the object of her affection…. ready to take that leap of lust or love and step willingly into womanhood! I love this!!

  2. I really love this =)

  3. Thank you. I think women realize early on what power they hold. Which, with a lot of self respect, can go along way.

  4. Alluring, indeed…

  5. What I wanted to say before auto correct took over, is I enjoyed the recognition of the power the virgin realizes she has despite giving up her virginity. I feel this is a threshold many women contemplate

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  7. Don't you hate it when people repeat the same comment everywhere? Arghhh

    But about your poem….I like the idea of envisioning ourselves through another's eye. I sometimes wonder, what would he/she think if they could see me now. Letting go of purity to become his woman, a scary but sexy move.

  8. very sensual…great job with this prompt Donetta.

  9. Simply beautiful…..

    I am truly amazed how that painting has taken us venturing into new paths…

    paint me in many hues, not just black

  10. ha.. i like the anticipation in this…the mystery as well of the virgin, not knowing what to expect beyond fascination….

  11. Expert response to the prompt; well done.

  12. I can see how you extrapolated your poem from the picture – nice one

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