10 Superhero Things

  1. Had two children.
  2. Went rock climbing.
  3. Was in drama plays in h.s. in front of people.
  4. Hiked 8 miles with my daughter’s 5th grade class in the fall.
  5. Taught both my daughters to swim.
  6. Survived a wreck where I broke my neck and back.
  7. Walked 10 miles for a Relay for Life.
  8. Shared a lot of my poems on my other blog.
  9. Make it through the grocery store with both girls.
  10. Coached my god daughter when she was having her son.




2 responses

  1. #9 made me laugh and nod my head. #6 made me say “oh!” and want to know more. Great list! Erin

    1. Thank you. Yes, I was one of those girls that seen parents in stores with out of control children, and I’m thinking ‘I know you can’t beat them like my grandparents that raised me. Not exactly beat me but they meant business. But you are in public where others are here. Do something.’ Ah, after having children, they are now 10 and 7, girls…… they still fight. Even in public. My 7 year old is a very bright loving child. Get her in a store, her head spins around. Now I am one of those parents. lol. The wreck would make a good post, I’m surprised I lived and wasn’t paralyzed and surprised the father of my two children (after the wreck) is just as he was, even with a metal plate in his head. 🙂

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