Regretful Moments

nights filled with repetition
awakened somewhere in the moment
when reality merges with nightmares
he knew his guilt was the reason.

wanting to forget everything
pouring another shot of poison
he could still see her 
standing bare foot on the river bank
never had he felt more alive
than he did back then kissing her
her face contorted in pain
as tears poured from her eyes
how could she understand
regret kept him awake
but he could never be true to her
his only love had always been in a spoon

if she could see his conviction
was now confusion

@ donetta sifford 4-10-2013


6 responses

  1. You really captured the emotions of both him and the girl he left behind. Powerful and stunning.

  2. An emotional floodgate opened of regret and memories. So sad for her.

  3. Ah, yes, very powerful!

  4. I agree, very powerful, evocative words.

  5. Very powerful words.

  6. such sadness in your words – I could see “her” standing on a river bank with tears flowing.

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