Tainted Colors

i can’t help but challenge this plan

even as a child reciting ‘hallowed be thy name’
questions stirred around in my mind, unanswered
left me feeling unsure, observing life and death

yesterday’s sky was perfectly shaded blue
with small hints of white swirling around
beautiful sunrise splashed in pink and red
glowing sun shining through, mauve hues fading

a new day colored with perfection
still, i couldn’t shake my foreboding
my very essences is stained with black
in my reality, with every good comes a bad

hearing of the motorcycle crash near home
i cursed myself for relaxing in the light
in a moment, as my children sat in church
their best friend bowing her innocent head
her grandfather was gone, her legal guardian

my dearest friend of 32 years and his sisters
lost their father so close to them, in an instant
looking above at the evening colors tainted
black splattered across all the beauty other’s seen

wrapping around my mind, a loved one is deceased
this may be his son’s demise, another faulty wiring
of how the world turns, life is for the living i heard
unrealistic to think that this all has reasoning
the living, listless, weary, faith not giving us all comfort
another gorgeous day, for some life has drained all colors
my visions have been colored black and white

@ donetta sifford 4-11-2013

R.I.P. George Page 4/10/2013


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  1. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and comments. Very appreciated.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful input. Yes, this is very much something that occurred Wednesday evening and I had seen this prompt earlier that day, before Mr. Page's accident had occurred, so, I kept finding myself coming back to it and just wrote. You are correct, that the living must put color into their lives. Sometimes, I suppose at the initial shock, it's hard to see life very colorful. After I attend the service and speak to my best friend, my heart will ache for them. You described the feeling of tragedy very well.

  3. Lovely and heat breaking, but with a sense and feel of hope. Well done.

  4. Death may be the most natural thing associated with life but sudden death always shocks the senses. Taints the color of life as your title so aptly infers. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. You have captured the COLOR of grief so very well in this poem. I understand how the world would become black and white. I do like what Amy says above, that the dead are at peace….but the living must recreate color. A heart-felt poem.

  6. Donetta, this fascinated me. It does seem sometimes, especially in the midst of tragedy, that the world is black and white. Good and bad. That the color has drained, not only from your face, but from all around you, and everything is a confusing Escher drawing, leading you round in circles. If this is a true story, I pray for all loved ones left behind. The dead are at peace; it's the living who must recreate color in their lives. An especially lovely poem, and thanks, AMy

  7. This is so sad ~ Death and misfortune can color and alter our perception of live, from colorful to black & white ~ A lovely share and nice to meet you ~

  8. Yes, the death of a loved one can indeed drain all colour from life … for a while. Kind thoughts to all left bereaved by this fatality.

  9. Everyone's glass is half full, or half empty, I suppose.

    A very sorrow-filled write. It really is impossible to fathom life's twist and turns….

  10. Donetta,
    This is a beautiful elegy, a touching and emotional telling of challenged faith and the stuff of the world. You did a great job here. Thank you for sharing.

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