The Apology

my obstinate personality 
can be contradictory
unmanageable at times.
jealous side and demanding
hot headed and relentless
would it shock you to know
my zodiac sign
portrays the scorpio
as the most complex
astrological sign
there are moments
so intense with me
passionate, sensual
added with loyalty 
self awareness of sexual intimacy
emotional, impulsive, moody
intriguing, seductive, hypnotic
apparently a powerful force
should i follow horoscope readings
look to the stars for answers
so everyone can predict my intent
then again scorpio is secretive
i never relied on crystal balls
is the part for ‘the apology’
try explaining myself
done that for awhile
but this stubborn nature of mine
refuses to answer for my life
so if i seem untrustworthy
undependable and angry
defensive if questioned at all
saying sorry is so hollow
so i’ll be blunt as usual
the road to hell
is paved with my
good, bad, indifferent
assuming isn’t going to help
self indulging or unselfish 
you have opinions
try to stand on the outside
think back to times together
do you see malice in my eyes
i’m not saying i’m unwilling
to try and earn your trust
life is uncertain and unstable
affection shouldn’t be
with love i need certainty 

@ donetta sifford 4-14-2013


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  1. Beautifully imaginative take on this week's word.

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