Underneath It All {Song Prompt}

Times I want something
Someone more like me
When this dress rehearsal
Seem incomplete
You see colors in me
Behind your dark glasses
You’re something else
I’m lucky underneath it all
You’re lovely
You know some bad tricks
Need discipline
Lately you’ve been trying
Giving me your best
You give me gorgeous sleep
That I’ve never had
When it’s bad
Guess it’s not that bad
Many moons we have seen
Stumbling back next to me
Seen right through, underneath
You make me better
You are my prince charming
Heat from the fire
Always burning
Anytime you’re around
Body keeps staling
For your touch, kisses, romancing
Another side of you
This here woman adore
Good for me baby
I’m sure 
Over and over
I want more
Used up your coupons
All you’ve got left is me
Somehow I’m full of forgiveness
It’s meant to be
Do you really love me
Underneath it all
Want to love me
I’m really lovely
You’re really lovely
Underneath it all

Original song ‘Underneath It All’ by Gwen Stefani


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