10 Favorite Ways To Spend Time

Here are my top 10 favorite ways to kill some time via:   http://www.northwestmommy.com/2013/monday-listicles-95

1.  Reading books.  This has been a passion of mine since I was a child.  I read memoirs, novels that usually turn into movies, ex: The Lincoln Lawyer, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, Deep End of the Ocean, We Were the Mulvaneys……………………… that list could on.  I don’t read short romance novels that are excessive and boring.

2.  Playing games on facebook like song pop, farmville, pet rescue, candy crush, and recently bubble saga or something like that.  The problem with this is it takes up more time than I should kill. So, I am a work in progress as I am trying to limit how long I can spend on facebook during the day.  I have insomnia though, so if I didn’t have facebook, I’d be up reading.

3.  Lounging by the river in my lounge chair fixed so when I lay on my back my toes are in the water.  I tan and listen to music with my best friend and love the sound of the river flowing and my two girls laughing and splashing water.

4.  On occasion, I love to watch a good movie.  I prefer to do this in a theater when the movie first comes out, but I can’t always do this.  I don’t watch a lot of t.v. and I am picky about the movies I watch.  I love horror films, movies such as The Bourne movies, Lincoln Lawyer, based on a true story movies, and most all Tim Burton films.

5.  Bowling with my children at our local bowling alley, NRV Bowling.  They had an offer this spring/summer, beginning April 9th until October 31st, I could register both girls and I got a pass so they get 2 free games every day during this time.  Then they had an offer for 4 adults to bowl 2 games every day during this time for $24.95.  Some of the money goes toward the girls’ school.  Besides paying for the shoes to bowl, it’s a good deal.

6.  Scrap booking my photos and items that are important to me.  I love arranging the page and making it decorative.  I also love taking photos.  My theory on pictures are they are the one thing in life where you can freeze a memory in time, that moment, how you felt at that second, or the person in the photos are frozen in that moment, and can be seen whenever you would like.  Now people can do that with video recorders, ect.  I was born in 1976 and grew up taking photos with my aunt’s polaroid camera.  I actually still own a polaroid.  Not my aunts.  This one is a new model and you can buy film for it at Wal-mart.

7.  BATHS.  I love during free time to run a hot bath and just lie in the water and listen to music and let my thoughts drift away.

8.  Walking on warm or hot days, sometimes me and my best friend will walk my girls to church on Wednesday evenings. Some days the girls’ and I just decide to walk in the evenings all the way to the river and since we live on a mountain and the  walk is downhill, we usually do have someone that will come get us.  Though I have walked up this mountain a million times since I was 12 years old,  I’m a bit out of shape and I do smoke. <nasty, unhealthy=”” habit=”” that=”” i=”” plan=”” on=”” working=””>

9.  When the sun is setting but there is still enough time to see, I love to sit by myself outside and write in my journal whatever pops in my mind and try to transform it into a poem.

10.  Sometimes, especially in the winter, if I have free time, I love to curl up in my favorite p.j.’s and my favorite blanket and just sleep. Sleep seems to make the day go away and I wake up, thinking better and feeling refreshed.


These are the ways I kill time but I love these moments.  I guess there is always something to clean or work on around the house, so there really isn’t ‘free time’, but I make free time because all work and no play is not good for the soul.  For Monday Listicles:   http://www.northwestmommy.com/2013/monday-listicles-95



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  1. Oooo – I like your list. I like to read books that turn into movies too!

    Which way do you think is better…seeing movie first, then read. OR the other way around. Sometimes, seeing the movie inspires me to read the book….like I need to get my hands on The Help to read. Anyways…

    I was determined to read ‘Hunger Games’ before I saw the movie. I even turned away when they played it for a free in-flight movie once. I tried to hold on as long as possible because I wanted to ‘compare.’ I didn’t make it – I could never get around to finishing it, saw ‘Hunger Games’ about 1 1/2 weeks ago because it came out on Netflix and was calling my name – and now I have to finish the book to ‘compare.’

    Sometimes, the experience isnt as good when you read after a movie. I saw ‘Hannibal’ with Anthony Hopkins- went to read the book and hated it – it felt like the movie took everything word-for-word, scene-for-scene. I stopped, it wasn’t fun reading the book after seeing THAT movie.

    1. I usually like to read the book before the movie. I read all of the Twilight Sagas before seeing the movies. Some of the books I have, I didn’t know were even turned into movies and by chance happen to catch them on t.v. such as ‘White Oleander’, ‘Mystic River’, even my favorite book by Anne Tyler ‘Saint Maybe’. That book was much better. I found in almost all of them that I enjoyed the detail in the book much better. Now, I have read ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ but I have been wanting to see that movie since it came out because of Matthew McConaughey. 🙂 I know what you mean about ‘Hannibal’. I haven’t read that book but I have seen the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’ more times than I can count, and I ran across the book. It was exactly how you described reading ‘Hannibal’. ‘Deep End of the Ocean’ the movie and the book are actually pretty much the same, but I’m glad I read the book first. I don’t watch a lot of television and rarely get to go see a movie.

  2. This could be my list. Well, except for the scrap booking. lol

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